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Toe Fat - Same

Before the graphic art company Hipgnosis were wasting their time designing album covers for insignificant rock albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon (what's that, amirite?), they were creating some of the most groundbreaking covers the genre of rock has ever seen. So Hipgnosis decided to throw a bunch of the most creative and profound thinkers of their generation into a room. After 12-hours of intense brainstorming, these brave men emerged from their eternal lair; sweating and worn from the ordeal it is to create such a work of art. A true masterpiece...

What did they come out with, you ask? I'm not sure your mortal eyes are ready to see the work of a true genius this early on in development. Maybe when you're 80 years old, and the best years of your life are already behind you. You can take one glance at this album cover then, and then your whole life will finally have meaning, and you can die a peaceful death and go into a better world...

Okay. I'll tell you. It'…


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